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The Joint Lab on Future Cities (JLFC) is a joint effort among a group of researchers from the Departments of Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, and Geography to establish a platform that facilitates studies on future cities: the people that live in them; the natural environment that they must coexist with; and the technologies that will enable these activities.

As urbanization sets to become a global trend in the coming century, an increasing portion of the Earth’s population are going to be migrating into cities on a global scale. Such massive increase in urban population not only put significantly stress on their existing infrastructure, but they are also challenging every aspect of the human-environment relationship. To ensure the sustainability and resilience of future cities, there is a genuine imminent need to develop fundamentally new way of constructing and conceiving the ways in which future cities will operate. It is clear that any solutions to the challenges faced by future cities are going to require talents from a wide range of disciplines to innovate in an interdisciplinary environment.

The JLFC is formed with the goal to incubate such environment through a series of interdisciplinary projects, symposiums and workshops that involve academics, the industry, as well as the government.

JLFC was made possible by the generous support by the Prosit Philosophiae Foundation.  We work in partnership with the Global FutureCities AI Lab.


Contemporary Global Sea-Level Rise: Increased Risks to Deltaic Cities

A seminar by Prof. C K Shum given at Department of Geography, University of Hong Kong

Preparation Meeting of the Joint Lab on Future Cities

The first meeting of the Joint Lab on Future Cities was held on 22 Mar 2019.

The JLFC Report Series

JLFC Report 2 Cover.jpg
JLFC Report Cover v3.JPG
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Loo, B. P. Y., Li, X., & Wong, R. W. M. (2023). Environmental comparative case studies on modular integrated construction and cast-in-situ construction methods. Journal of Cleaner Production, 428, 139303. 
Koh,K., Tang,K.C., Axhausen, K., & Loo, B.P.Y. (2022). "A metropolitan-scale, three-dimensional agent-based mode to assess the effectiveness of the COVID-19 Omicron wave interventions in a hyperdense city: a case study of Hong Kong". International Journal of lnfectious Diseases 122: 534-536.
Wong, R.W.M. and Loo, B.P.Y. (2022). "Sustainability implications of using precast concrete in construction: An in-depth project-level analysis spanning two decades". Journal of Cleaner Production, 378, 134486.
Two Founding Members of JLFC are organizing a Special Issue on “People-Environment-Infrastructure Relationship in Future Cities” in Sustainable Cities and Society

The HK-Swiss Symposium has been successfully held on 16th-17th May, 2022!

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