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Global AI Future Cities Lab


Global AI FutureCities Lab was established to facilitate national and international exchange and provide an Open Platform for citizens to voice their opinions for analysis and optimization which can stimulate Wisdom of Crowds and enhance a sustainable citizen-centric urban planning.


A unique smart urban integrating the essences of Originality, Internationality, Collaborative Research and Development, Artificial Intelligence and Dynamic Intelligence as well as sustainable building ecosystem is being launched to realize a motto “Innovation for Life”.


Based in Hong Kong, Global AI FutureCity Lab researches and explores intergenerational cities through public, private and global academic partnership (PPGAP) models, and focuses on new technologies for the built environment, the Internet of Things, harmonious living, clean energy, The impact of smart transportation, deep learning, knowledge and innovation to move towards an innovative future city. These include the following four sub-experimental bases: Geo AI Lab, Bio AI Lab, IC Lab, Big Data Analysis Lab, and Knowledge based sharing (IdeaLab).

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