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Advancing Construction Practices: Workshop on AnyLogic's Applications in the Building Industry
Advancing Construction Practices: Workshop on AnyLogic's Applications in the Building Industry
17 November 2023

The workshop at Global Virtual Design and Construction Limited's Training Centre offered an insightful introduction to AnyLogic's role in the construction industry, particularly in modular building modeling. This session was led by Ph.D. students Xiangyi Li and Hui Wang, under the supervision of Prof. Becky P.Y. Loo, Founding Co-Director of JIFC. Their presentation effectively distilled and shared the knowledge, showcasing the practical applications and benefits of AnyLogic in contemporary construction practices.

The workshop commenced with an overview of AnyLogic's multifunctional capabilities, emphasizing its significant role in construction process simulation, logistics management, and problem forecasting. The introduction set the stage for a deeper exploration of how the software aids in optimizing project planning and design, particularly beneficial for evaluating resource distribution, cost-effectiveness, and project scheduling.

A major highlight of the event was the practical demonstration on the modeling of modular buildings using AnyLogic. This part of the session, conducted with expertise and precision, walked participants through the process of creating a digital twin of a modular construction project. It showcased the practical application of the software in project planning and execution, emphasizing its efficiency and sustainability benefits.

The interactive nature of the workshop encouraged participants to delve into the software’s capabilities in addressing real-life construction challenges. Advanced features, such as 3D modeling and dynamic simulation, were also explored, demonstrating their importance in enhancing the accuracy and detail of construction planning.

The workshop concluded with a dynamic question and answer segment, where attendees engaged in discussions about technical details of AnyLogic and its future potential in transforming the construction industry.

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